Aluminium properties

Aluminum is a non-corrosive metal – meaning your products won’t rust and will maintain their look for years. Aluminum products have the advantage of being seamless, making it a top choice for beautiful, continuously designed products. Using seamless components extends the life of your products by reducing the number of parts and the likelihood of wear and tear.Aluminum is non-magnetic
Because aluminum does not have the ability to acquire a magnetic charge, it is perfectly suited for high-voltage applications. It is also great to use for manufacturing computer parts and components where magnetic fields come in to play.

Aluminum conducts electricity
Aluminum conducts electricity extremely well. So much so that it is used instead of metals like copper for transmitting electricity. Pound for pound, aluminum is twice as conductive.

Aluminum is extremely resilient
Aluminum can hold extremely heavy loads or spring back from impact-shock, making it perfect for a wide variety of hard-hitting applications.

Aluminum is non-combustible
Aluminum does not burn, and does not produce toxic fumes under high-heat. This gives aluminum products excellent fire ratings and environmental benefits.

Aluminum is recyclable
Aluminum can be recycled and reused for product without losing it’s characteristics for long periods of time.

Aluminum accepts finishes
Aluminum coil can be finished with a variety of techniques including paint, anodizing, powder coatings and electroplating. Contact us to learn more about the different finishing options offered by WeatherStrong.