Technical data

PropertyResultTesting Designation
60° Specular Gloss Range8 – 80+ASTM D 523
Coated Film HardnessF-2H pencilASTM D3363
Solvent Resistance50-100+ MEK double rubsASTM D4752
Flexibility, Nominal0 – 3T180 NTO subject to
method of forming and
metal thickness
ASTM D4145-83
Reverse Impact1.5X metal thickness NTOASTM D2794
Cross Hatch AdhesionNo loss of AdhesionASTM D 3359


Accelerated Tests:ResultTesting Designation
5% Salt Spray, 1000 hrs.Creepage < 1/32” from scribeASTM B-117
Humidity Resistance
100% RH 1,000 hrs.
No significant visual changeASTM D 2247-87

Painted Coil




-H1X, H2X, H3X


Test results of coated surface will vary depending on paint formulation and forming requirements of metal specification and end use application.

WeatherStrong is a leader in supplying pre-painted aluminum coil, using state of the art coil coating equipment and methods. WeatherStrong rigorously tests and certifies every coil before it leaves our coil coating facility.